Smooth Precision is not only a special cutting tool manufacturer, we also offer dedicated regrinding and recoating services. We take great care in the quality of your tools and focus on extending the life of your tools. Our goal is to save you time, money and resources by offering a comprehensive cutting tool regrinding service.

We were one of the first to adopt CNC tool and cutter grinding, and commit to the higher quality standards. This solidified our commitment to accurate, repeatable, and scalable sharpening programs.

Our regrind and recoat service utilizes our cutting edge technology and our decades of experience to give you a quality cutting tool that will provide performance equal to a new cutting tool.

The Perfect Finish

Traditionally the edge of a sharpened tool was removed through manually buffing and this process differed by operator. The addition of the automated edge prep machine removes the human error associated with finishing the sharpening process. With the automated edge prep, your tools are finished with precise consistency across the board.

Your vendor may not have changed, but the tools, training and requirements have. We are constantly looking ahead and are early adopters of new technologies. If you are an innovator in your market, you need a regrind partner that innovates with you.

*The edge prep process is done automatically on all high performance carbide drills bits and end mills by request.

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